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A complete Guided Initiation Journey with 12 Mantras

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Live Your Full Potential as a Spiritual Being having the Human Experience

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The Essentials


If you and your loved ones lived life at your full potential

The Siddha Wisdom transmits Grace Light

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The Siddha Wisdom


  • What does Siddha Mean?

    Siddha means perfecting being. This is the wisdom of the Spiritual Masters of South India who have mastered the art of spiritual union with Source.

  • Where should I start?

    The essential bundle contains the guided Siva Sivaa initiation plus the advanced Turiya guide. If you would like to go deeper take the Becoming Super-human course that contains the initiation.

  • What are the Miracle Courses?

    The Siddha Sages have over thousands of years understood and perfected the science of bringing spiritual light into matter. Through the power of specific mantras you are given a hotline to the Universe to manifest realities.

Siddha Solutions

Quick practical applications of Spiritual Solutions to Life Situations

Nandhiji shares the Siddha Wisdom

Siddhis or spiritual powers arise from the pristine mind

The Siddha Miracle Mantra Courses

Powerful Transmissions of Mantra and Grace Light to Solve any Challenge

Become the Bliss of Being

Experience Your life as the unfolding miracle of power, peace and joy.