Siddha Solutions: Yogic Time Management Masterclass

Become the Emperor of Your Life and Realities

Nandhiji shares the secret of our most precious resource- Time. This Masterclass is a one hour video where Nandhiji leads you through a powerful meditation and empowerment. Plus shares practical knowledge on how to organize your daily life. This is the essential Masterclass for all including thinkers, executives, leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs & self employed who want to be more effective, creative, productive, stress free and prosperous by effectively managing Time utilizing the potent Siddha wisdom of timelessness. Being the emperor of Time, unfold our legacy of life. Nandhiji, MBA who has founded and run global companies will show you how to apply the Siddha Wisdom of Super-Consciousness to time management and time creation. This is part of our Siddha Solutions teaching you to apply powerful, ancient wisdom to modern daily life and business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Siddha Solutions Series: Yogic Time Management

    • Welcome to the Siddha Solutions Series: Yogic Time Management

    • Introduction to the Siddhas and Daily Empowerment

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    • Yogic Time Management Masterclass One Hour Video Class

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    Resources for your Journey

    • Connect with Nandhiji and the Siddha Grace to Continue Your Journey.