Do you have Dream that you would like to make Possible?

Do have a situation to resolve or a dream that you would like to make happen?  If so, you are not alone and discovering how to co-create with the help of Divine intervention can open the way for new, miraculous possibilities.

Get ready to take a Quantum Leap forward in your spiritual progress, financial wellbeing and physical performance as in health & vitality.

Siddha Master Nandhiji will initiate YOU into the Superhuman consciousness  and science of the Siddhas. This powerful blessing and empowerment will help overcome any previous impossibilities in your mindset and energy field.  

Together during this event, the Grace of Lord Siva, eight powerful Siddha Gurus and the mystical, miraculous power of special  manifestation mantras will be invoked to help you immediately change any life situation and help you align to the powerful possibilities of your authentic life purpose.

This is the sacred science of the legendary ancient Siddhas of South India who have achieved states of consciousness and abilities far beyond normal human abilities.  This is a 10,000 year old lineage coming from the primordial Gurus of Creation and Yoga.

As Yogic teachers such as Patanjali have described, the abilities known as siddhas include attaining superhuman consciousness, the ability to manifest and attract immense riches from the Cosmos, exceptional strength, creativity and love.   

Siddha Master Nandhiji has been blessed to have eight exceptional Gurus of the Siddha lineage and personal initiation by Lord Siva.  He has also been  the presence of the immortal Babaji.

Until very recently, this rare Siddha knowledge has been a hidden secret known only to those able after many lifetimes of spiritual seeking to travel to the remote shrines of South India for initiation and guidance in person.

Now the empowering secrets of Siddha wisdom and their power mantras is being released to uplift humanity during this time of intense challenge and transformation.  Take a moment ask yourself is the Divine intervention, and co-creation initiation that you have been yearning for? 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to New Possibilities

    • This is where we will Make the Impossible Possible with Six Siddha Master Keys

  • 2

    Invoke the Grace of the 210 Siddha Gurus

    • Blessings of Guruji Siddha Rajaswamy

  • 3

    Making the Impossible Possible Workshop with Nandhiji

    • Workshop: Make the Impossible Possible 1hr 42min

  • 4

    Blessings of the Guru and Mantra of Manifestation

    • About Siddha Guru Ayya Narayana

    • 108 Times Chant with Nandhiji - Guru Ayya Mantra for Manifestation -

    • Arakara Mantra Dance

  • 5

    Download Gurus' Grace Painting

    • Download Guru's Grace Painting

  • 6

    Siva Siva Initiation Journey

    • Siva Sivaa Welcome

    • Siva Sivaa Guide Booklet - Learn the Mantras

    • CD 1 Introduction

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras -1.2 AAH

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - 1.4 Connect to the Guru

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - 1.5 Return to the Heart

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - 1.6 Goddess of the Heart

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - 1.7 Divine Protection

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - 1.8 SivaSiva Being One

    • Siva Sivaa CD 1 Learning the Mantras - Shanthi

  • 7

    Practice the Mantras Chant with Nandhiji

    • CD 2 Welcome to Your Ongoing Journey and Unfoldment

    • 2-01 Base Chakra_ Siddhi Ganapathy (108 Times)

    • 2-02 Guru Chakra_ Arakara Mantra (108 Times)

    • 2-03 Heart Chakra_ Rama Mantra (3 Dimensions)

    • 2-04 Goddess Of Abundance_ Goddess Narayani (9 Breaths)

    • 2-05 Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (108 Times)

    • 2-06 Durga Mantra

    • 2-07 Siva Sivaa - Becoming One (5 Dimensions)

    • 2-08 Maha Vishnu Mantra (9 Breaths)

    • 2-09 Shanthi_ Peace

  • 8

    Connecting with Nandhiji

    • Connecting with Nandhiji

What's Included:

 Your "Make the Impossible Possible" Initiation Package Includes:

90 Minute Live Siddha Initiation and Teaching Video Empowerment  by Nandhiji  to help make your impossible desire possible.

Activate Six Master Siddha Keys to change the Impossible to the Possible in your life:

1) Activate Divine Grace

2)  Activate Divine Action

3)  Activate the Power of Prayers

4)  Activating Inner Power

5)  Activate the Power of Spirit in the Human Experience 

6)  Activate the Infinite Power of being the Cosmic Child

One Year Access to Miraculous Siddha Bonuses Included:

Included with your live event will be recording of the event.  You can tune to meditate, visualize and activate a new reality for each new desire you with to manifest.

Bonus Siddha  Wisdom Manifesting Activators you will receive for registering include one year access to your online portal with:

  • Invocation prayer of the 210 primordial Siddha Masters recording to empower any meditation and manifestation
  • Siva Sivaa Mantra Initiation with 9 powerful Siddha Mantras and practice audios  to permanently  transform your realities.
  • Chant 108 times with Nandhiiji of the manifestations given to keep the vibration field of your home and office in the miracle zone.
  • A digital copy of the Divine image of Nandhiji's painting "Gurus Grace" bestowing Divine Light and protection  Keep on your alter and digital devices to receive Gurus Grace and boons.

These initiations and teachings are the fruits of Nandhiji's and the Siddha Gurus lifetimes and lifetimes of Spiritual Practice including austerities, journey's to remote places, intense guidance and presence of Siddha Sages,  Lord Siva, Lord Muruga and Babaji the immortal consciousness that guides humanity who appeared to Nandhiji.  

This highly powerful energy will unfold impossible miracles of love, grace and blessings in your life that go beyond normal human experience.