Lord Muruga Rapidly Brings Success

Wealth, Business, Creativity, Power, Wisdom, Alertness & Energy

Mahasivrati when this program was created, is the the most powerful time of Spiritual transformation of the entire year. 

Nandhiji who is a lineage holder of this 10,000 year old tradition, shares with you in one super-powerful hour video:

  • Six dimensions of Success 
  • Sacred transmission of Lord Muruga's Miraculous Mantra
  • How to Manifest Your Intentions.

Siddha Yoga Master Nandhiji was asked by Lord Muruga to transmit this knowledge and energy at this auspicious time to help those who choose it arise in consciousness.

Be empowered by Lord Muruga's Power Mantra for Supreme Success.  

Powerful energies of Mahasivratri

and a 100 Year Rare Planetary Alignment

Prepare for Enlightenment in this lifetime:

* The conditions of time from Feb 11th to Mahavisvratri on March 11th is when all intentions can manifest most quickly.  We will be setting powerful intentions for your life with this first initiation.  These powerful energies are in this recording.

This is the time when your prayers are answered by Lord Muruga the Lord of Creation in extraordinary ways.

* Align yourself with the Power, Energy, Love and Wisdom of Lord Muruga one of the three sons of Shiva the embodiment of Wisdom, Creativity and Power.

Adi Guru Muruga is known as the “first teacher” or first Guru.  The Gurus of South India are forerunners of most of the world’s great spiritual and philosophic traditions.   Lord Muruga of Adi Gurunatha Temple himself directed Nandhiji to share his wisdom and powerful personal Mantra to help humanity at this time.  This is an incredibly rare and auspicious event.  These events will culminate in the auspicious night of Mahasivratri which can help you make your breakthrough to enlightenment in this lifetime.

During this event Nandhiji will:

•    Align you to the Powers of Lord Muruga, The Primordial first Guru and Lord of Wisdom and Creation.

•    Help you understand Mahasivratri and how it can help you breakthrough on the Yogic Path to Enlightenment and Bliss.

•    Initiate you into an extremely rare and powerful Secret Lord Muruga mantra that will bestow amazing Grace and Auspiciousness for your Life.

Begin the supreme pilgrimage of lifetimes.  This is the time to take your next steps forward to enlightenment and attaining the supreme Consciousness the goal of all Yoga and all Yogis.

Priceless Siddha Success Secret

The Empowerment of Lord Muruga

  • 1

    Welcome, Let's invoke the Grace of Lord Muruga

    • Welcome to Adi Guru Muruga Wisdom & Empowerment

    • Introduction to the Siddhas and Daily Empowerment

  • 2

    Adi Guru Empowerment Video

    • Aadi Guru Muruga Initiation

    • Adi Guru Muruga Mantra Guide

  • 3

    Adi Guru Empowerment Audio Version

    • Listen to Audio

  • 4


    • Siddha Secret of Manifestation

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • Connect with Nandhiji

    • Share World Yogi Day

Additional Courses from Nandhiji

More Siddha Wisdom for Success in Every area of Life

Discover The Siddha Secrets

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About Siddha Master Nandhiji

Humanitarian, Author and Visionary Consciousness Leader

Nandhiji  is a Siddha Yoga Master, humanitarian & visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, award-winning, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher- representing the path of the Liberated Siddhas. 

Nandhiji is the founder of the Declaration of Consciousness Movement  and the World Yogi Day 

Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult while leading an active life of family, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhars as a yogi began. After years of seeking “wholeness” through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in Consciousness.

Nandhji was born into a very well known Indian family and managed many large successful businesses and got his MBA before waking up in consciousness. Nandhiji shares the life enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India. 

 Nandhiji's award-winning music that has been calibrated at the level beyond enlightenment on the Hawkins scale of consciousness.  Nandhiji is working to help humanity at a global scale, founding the Declaration of Consciousness Movement and World Yogi Day.  He is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and festivals around the world where he holds space to help people powerfully transform their consciousness in an instant.  He has also been featured in feature films on documentary and Consciousness.


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