Rare Mantra of Miraculous Siddha Bhoganathar

Victory of Lord Muruga for You

Once a year on Thai Poosam there is an auspicious alignment of full moon and celebration of the Victory of Lord Muruga over all problems. Around the world there are great processions and celebrations. For this extraordinary day Nandhiji will be giving a rare Siddha Mantra initiation. You will chant this mantra together with Nandhiji to conquer and breakthrough 108 challenges, problems and worries so that you emerge victorious in every aspect of your life, work, relationships and health.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this Mantra Initation of Answered Prayer

    • Extraordinary Light

    • Introduction to the Siddhas and Daily Empowerment

  • 2

    Mantra Initiation and Invocation for 108 Blessings

    • Video: Pronounciation of our Param Guru Siddha Bhoganathar

    • Watch the Mantra Initiation and Receive the 108 Blessings

  • 3

    Connect with Nandhiji and continue your Siddha Journey

    • Be sure to take your compantion courses and stay closely connected with Nandhiji