Ignite the Divinity within You

Lord Muruga is the Infinity of Consciousness Embodied

Re-discover your essential spark, passion and enthusiasm for life in this workshop with Nandhiji.  Remember that joy as a child when you were eager to wake up and live a new day?  

There is a huge difference between existing and living with passion, purpose and vitality to achieve any big goal in life.

When we come form a place of inspiration, we have boundless limitless energy and vitality.  Every moment is energized, ideas and solutions flow with ease.

Most importantly we live from the realization of being the infinite spirit, the Cosmic Child embodied that can summon all energies to manifest any personal or professional goal.  

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Lord Muruga Initiation for Life Leadership and Inspiration

    • Welcome to this Very special Initiation and Mantra

    • The Blessings and Forms of Lord Muruga

  • 2


    • Initiation Event Video Recording & Mantra

    • Initiation Event Downloadable Audio File

  • 3

    Exploring more of the Siddha Wisdom

    • Explore the Siddha Wisdom Light Your Lamp of Consciousness

Lord Muruga Brings Victory in Every Situation

Master your Life and Realities

Sacred Mantra Empowerment of secret Lord Muruga Mantra for invoking the Cosmic energies that you alight  mastery within you.  Energy transmission, initiation and wisdom on how to work the mantra to transform six areas of your life will empower your life leadership. 

1. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for: Wisdom, Vision to make the highest and best choices for yourself.  Learn to lead yourself wisely so that you can lead others. 

2. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for:  Genius, Creativity & Flow awaken the immense spiritual gifts and innate powers to create your masterpiece of each moment. 

3. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for: Vitality & Health and Inner Strength Beauty.  When inspired, spring in your step and look forward to each day.  All tiredness, boredom, depression and lethargy are gone.  Others are attracted to your radiance, charisma and joy.

4. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for: Insight and Decision-making.  A successful life comes from constantly making wise decisions.  With wisdom steer your career, life and relationships inspired. 

5. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for: Master Strategist.  When you live your life from the knowing and awareness that you are a Divine vastness.  Unleash vast cosmic possibilities activating all your highest potential.

6. Life Leadership Mantra Empowerment for: Power of Many as One.  You are not alone in life.  Discover the Siddha Wisdom to be the pillar of light the vast power of your spirit.    Every challenge becomes easy when you can invoke the Primordial Light in empowerment. 

The power and light of Lord Muruga can called on to overcome any challenge.  He is the one whose light can overcome any situation.