Join the Joy

Let’s celebrate life together with an online Global Kirtan for World Peace and Harmony.  During this event, Nandhiji will lead us through powerful Siddha mantras that will super-charge us with blessings for ourselves and the world.  Together we will awaken to new levels of inner peace and loving harmony.

The Kirtan is a joyful singing guided group meditation that will:

•    Awaken the power of each chakra 

•    Raise Vibration with Siddha mantras of potency 

•    Celebrate the Inner Dancer within each mantra 

•    Dissolve loneliness to wholeness 

•    Supercharge ourselves to come together as the Mandala wheel of humanity 

•    Journey chakra by chakra lifting humanity 

•    Heart Song awake, let our inner Sun shine!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Siddha Sharing of Joy

    • Welcome: The Kirtan Makes us Whole. Video Message from Nandhiji

    • Introduction to the Siddhas and Daily Empowerment

    • Intro Nandhiji's Story Video and PDF

  • 2

    Global Kirtan for World Peace, Harmony & Transformation

    • Global Kirtan with Mantras - Chant and Transform with Nandhiji

    • Kirtan is Blessing Deeksha from all the Gurus

    • How Kirtan is Source Union and Unity of Love for All

    • Kirtan Gives You the Deeksha Blessings of all the Gurus

  • 3

    Listen to the Music of Enlightenment

    • Listen and Dance to Iconic Albums

  • 4

    Kirtan Kit Playlist: Discover the Magic of Mantra

    • Be the Mahatma Consciousness

    • Empower the Mantra Power- Mastery of Consciousness Teachings

    • Mantra for Protection Maha Moksha

    • Free Yourself from Time

    • Awaken Mother Kundalini Video

    • Navratri Goddess Mantra Grace with Nandhiji

    • Consciousness Sutra 18

    • Mahasivaswamy

    • Mantra of Enlightenment

    • Mantra Initiations by the Saddhus! Mahasivratri 2016

    • Siva Sivaa Mantra: Lord Siva the Eternal Yogi

  • 5

    Discover More Siddha Joy, Mantras and Experiences with Nandhiji

    • Connect with Nandhiji and the Siddha Grace to Continue Your Journey.

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