Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Event Teachings

    • Welcome and important Instructions before starting video teachings

  • 2

    Getting Ready for the Initiation: Understand and Practice the Breath and Mudras

    • Chin Mudra: Gesture of Consciousness

    • Vishnu Mudra: Awake Epicenter of the Mind Gesture

    • Pranayama: Turiya SivaSivaa Teachings

    • Pranayama: Expanded Teachings from Nandhiji's Kalangi Kundalini Yoga Video

    • Kapalabhati Pranayama Breath: Shine the Crown & Activate the Third Eye

    • Siddhi Ganapathy Mandiram : Utilize for meditating with Pranayama Practice

  • 3

    Your Turiya Siva Sivaa Initation and Daily Practice

    • Turiya SivaSivaa Video Teaching: INITIATION

    • Daily Ritual Instructions for how to work with these Mantras

  • 4

    Continuing Your Journey as a Siddha

    • Experience the Bliss of Liberation

The Advanced Siva Sivaa Initiation

Nandhiji will be giving the advanced Turiya Siva Sivaa Siddha Initiation mantra.

Who is this for:  

  • Spiritual Seekers who wish to experience powerful Siddha Meditation and be initiated into this tradition of rapid liberation and living enlightenment.

Those who have already taken the foundational Siva Sivaa Course or Workshops to have an opportunity to receive expanded wisdom, practice of the mantras and NEW advanced breath technique to open up new dimensions of the journey.


Siva Sivaa helps you set a daily personal ritual that allows you to be in the joy of  Turiya meditation state 24/7.

What you will receive in teachings & grace:

- You will receive over 8 potent Siddha Mantras as each chakra is vitalized. 

- Pranayama: Inner Breath of Mother Kundalini

- Pranayama: Breath beyond breath

- Brahmaranadi breath

- Kechari mudra breath

- Samadhi meditation breath

- Initiation into the Siddha tradition: Digital Original SivaSivaa 2 CD Audio & teachings booklet on Nandhijis' teaching platform.

- Bonus: Digital copy of Nandhiji’s Sacred work Mastery of Consciousness- Break the limits of body, mind & circumstances.

- Enrollment in Nandhiji’s Siva Sivaa Course for ongoing practice

Turiya Nada Album: Invoke the Masters that includes Guruji Anna Siddha Rajaswamy Rajkumar Swamigal's 210 Siddha Sages invocation

Newcomers and first timers are welcome to come and experience the powerful light of Grace and deep refreshing mediation and spiritual cleansing of the Chakras.

 The Bhagavad Gita describes mantras, pranayama teachings & grace to attain the absolute unions with Source God, the attainments of Consciousness. 

Nandhiji shares the grace teachings & guidance of his Gurus.