Rare Special Blessings & Empowerments

Blessings of Mahasivratri

  • Powerful Healing Satsangs by Spiritual Masters

    Nandhiji and Mohanji share powerful light transmissions and healing blessings.

  • 108 Chants of the Maha Moksha

    Chant with Nandhiji 108 times to heal, protect yourself, all life and the World. Listen again and again to heal.

  • Rare Blessings from Saints, Sages and Sadhus

    Holy beings at the Sacred Sites of India share their specially filmed Blessings and Grace with you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Divine Being to World Yogi Day

    • Welcome to Your Mahasivratri World Yogi Day Course

    • Introduction to the Siddhas and Daily Empowerment

    • Copy of Intro Nandhiji's Story Video and PDF

    • Share World Yogi Day

  • 3

    World Yogi Day 2021 Blessings and Transmissions

    • Shivratri Message from Mohanji - Powerful Light Transmission

    • Maha Shivaratri Satsang with Mohanji 2021

    • Avatar Baba Nataraj Grace Blessings Aum Namah Sivaya

    • Brahmarishi Hills - Thavasi Samy : Invoke the Siddhars Chant

    • AUM NAMAH SIVAYA Thavasi Swamy Brahmarishi Hills

    • Brahmarishi Hills: Rohini Mataji | Radhamma | Tavasiswamy: Lord Siva Mantra Blessings

    • Brahmarishi Hills: Maha Panchakshara Karur Siddhar : Rohini Mataji | Radhamma | Tavasiswamy

    • Anna Siddhar Rajakumar Swamigal 210 Siddhas Invocation

    • Guruji Anna Siddhar Rajakumar Swamigal Lord Siva Puja

    • Adi Sokkar Reaching the Summit Invocations

    • Adi Sokka chanting Siva Mantra

    • Adi Sokka Invoking Light climbing the Mountain

  • 4

    Bonus World Yogi Day Gifts for You

    • Baba Nataraj’s message: Why be a Yogi? International Yoga Day

    • Adi Sokkar Mahasivratri Mantra Deeksha Blessings

    • Maha Panchakshara Blessings: Siddha Rajakumar Guruji

    • Arunachala Blessings and Experiences of Ramana Maharishi

    • 20 Secrets Within Yoga

    • Lord Shiva AUM NAMAH SIVAYA // Heal Empower Light Enlighten Meditate Consciousness

    • Conch Blessings: 440 HZ-528 hz-Universal Love Frequency. Activate Third Eye & Heart Chakra

    • Baba Nataraj Blessings Aum Namah Sivaya

  • 5

    Discover More Siddha Wisdom

    • Discover Additional Siddha Yoga Wisdom

  • 6

    Continuing Your Journey Connecting with Nandhiji

    • Connect with Nandhiji and the Siddha Grace to Continue Your Journey.